Lecturers 2015

Colloquium 2015 Lecturers

Here you can take a look at our lecturers that will take part in this year Colloquium.


Graduated from the Technical University of Delft as a civil engineer. He started at Netherland Pavement Consultants and follows by CRO, the Dutch Information and Technology Centre for Transport and Infrastructure, as a project manager. From 2001 he is in EAPA, technical director, director and secretary general from 2013.

COTIČ, Zvonko

After starting his career in 1985 in CPG he began studying at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Maribor and gained the title of graduate civil engineer. In the company he started to manage building sites but later he completely dedicated himself to laboratory activities, development and quality. In 2004 he got employed by the company Primorje, where he led the Quality Control Group. Since September 2012 he is working in the company STRUCTUM, Ltd. The development of sustainable construction, as director of research and development. Throughout his entire career he has dealt with the development of materials and technologies in construction, especially asphalt and concrete, with an emphasis on sustainable development. In Slovenia he is one of the pioneers of introducing recycling technologies with foamed bitumen, the use of black steel slag and waste tires in asphalt mixtures. Actively participates in the preparation of Slovenian standards and is a member of several technical committees and associations.

FEGELIN, Franc Quirijn

Franc Quirijn Fegelin, born in 1975 in Austria, obtained his diploma at the Klaus Landauf Institute, and is currently employed as a infrastructure engineering group manager for ASFINAG. He is also an active member of FSV and Gestrata. In his professional career, he had the opportunity to gain experience at large construction sites where he became aquainted with the view of both awarding entities and contractors. Due to both, his huge interest in technical development and his experience, he early started to actively participate in the work of the Austrian research associations and standardization institute. Here was his priority on the possibilities of recycling in practice. Later he had many opportunities to put this knowledge into specialized lectures. He was also the project leader and driving force behind the pioneering project of the Austrian recycling asphalt at ASFINAG.

HUNDAHL, Andreas

Andreas Hundal finished his studies with Master of Arts degree and a degree as Marketing Economist. Today he is working as a CEO of the Danish Asphalt Pavement Association and is a member of board of several infrastructure related organizations.

LITZKA, Johann

Johann Litzka, born in 1941 in Vienna, studied at the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences completed and completed with doctoral thesis in the field of road design. In forty years of experiance he has gained a lot of knowledge in road design and road construction and also pavement design and road maintenance. He has more than 230 publications and more than 190 lectures in these fields. He was a consultant for the road administration and private motorway companies with respect to pavement design and pavement maintenance. He has gained numerous expertises in the field of road materials, analysis of deterioration, and other. He was also involved in extensive research activities under the Austrian Road Research Fund and the EU-contracts. Since 2009, he works as a professor emeritus for Road Construction and Maintainance at the Vienna Technical University.

LUN, Jože

Jože Lun started his career more than 40 years ago and in that time participated in the execution of highways and pipelines in the Republic of Slovenia. He gained experiences in Iraq, Algeria, Germany, France and Malaysia. In the company SCT, d.d. he worked in the area of contract stewardship and was educated in FIDIC documents. He is currently retired but acts as a lecturer at FIDIC seminars in the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.

POTTI, Juan Jose

Juan Jose Pott finished his education with a doctoral thesis at Compultense University of Madrid in 1981. His career began in the mid-Eighties in the company Pobisa where he worked until 2006. He is currently employed as CEO of Asefma in Madrid, is also President of the Technology Platforms PT Carretera and is President of the Laboratory Association Aleas. He is also a member of the EAPA Executive Committee and is General Manager of the Foundation EUCAT. During his career he has participated in various projects (Optel, SCORE, Phoenix) he also received numerous awards, including: VINCI for Innovation in road infrastructure, ESPAS for the development and evaluation of bituminous emulsions and Medal of Honor from Spanish Road Association.


Mojca Ravnikar Turk finished the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana. Since 1988 she has worked at the Institute for Research in Materials and Structures, and later at ZAG Ljubljana. Currently holds the position of head of the “Laboratory for asphalt and bitumen products”. Her main areas of work, in addition to management and research work also include implementation of monitoring and analyzing the behavior of complex geotechnical structures and quality control of asphalt and earthworks. Among the international projects she participated in COST Actions 345 and 348, between 2006 and 2009 she coordinated research project 6th FP SPENS (Sustainable Pavements for European New member States). She is participating or has led working groups in international projects STARs, BRoWSER, ASCAM and CONSISTEND. For the period between 2013 and 2016, she is employed as the main secretary ‘Slovenian Geotechnical Society’ (SloGeD). Since April 2009 she works as the Vice-President of ‘Slovenian National Committee on Large Dams’ (SloCOLD).


Anja Sörensen finished her studies with PhD thesis titled Determination of Viscosity of Asphalt under Tensile Stress based on Retardation Tests in 2000 at the Institute for Road Engineering of TU Braunschweig. Her career started at Emsland Refinery as Technical Support Manager and Management of the Bitumen and Asphalt Laboratory. Since 2002 she is employed by Arbit e.V. where she became a Director General in 2007. Since June 2015 she also works as Director of Eurobitume Germany. Since 1996 she has been Involved in various working groups of Bitumen Industry, German Road Research and since 2002 is a member of CEN TC 336 and WG1.

VONK, Willem

Willem Vonk is Application and Technical Service manager in Kraton Polymers’ Research facilities in Amsterdam. He started his career with Shell Research in 1968 and was educated as Chemical Engineer. His first research efforts were focused on fundamental aspects of bitumen adhesion to aggregates. The knowledge built up was also applicable when he moved into studies related to the breaking mechanism of bitumen emulsions. These studies led to research of polymer modified bitumen emulsions, which was his first contact with PMBs. In 2002 he was honoured with the Technical award of the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP), for his pioneering work on Polymer Modified Bitumen.

WOOD, Brian K.

Brian K. Wood began working for PAIKY as Assistant Director in the activities of the association in 2000. Since October 2005 he is the executive director of the association. He is included in the technical issues facing the industry, and is actively educating users and specifiers about new products in the asphalt bussiness. He is actively involved in the Life Cycle Cost Committee and the annual Winter Training School. He participated in the development of a number of presentations geared for architects, engineers, city and county employees involved in asphalt design and road construction. He works as a consultant in various association committees, including the Technical Committee in Kentucky Asphalt Pavement Alliance and the Environmental and Safety committee.