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About Colloquium 2015

The Largest International Meeting of Construction and Maintenance of Pavements in Slovenia.

15th Colloquium on asphalt and bitumen, Bled, Slovenia, November 2015

The Largest International Meeting of Construction and Maintenance of Roads in Slovenia



Thursday, 26th November and friday, 27th November 2015.


Hotel Golf | Bled | Slovenia

Is the asphalt industry in Slovenia finally waking up?

In 2014 was the first time in five years, we recorded growth in asphalt production. The resorce infrastructure ministry, together with other national institutions is preparing, road fund which would allow revitalization of state and other roads.
In recent years we have, in development area, carried out some experimental fields, the industry is ready to meet future challenges.
All this will be discussed at the 15th Colloquium on asphalt and bitumen, the largest meeting in the field of infrastructure and asphalt pavement in Slovenia.

On the colloquium there will be presented:

•    20 professional papers,
•    Roundtable with Directors of asphalt businesses companies,
•    Technical presentations in the hall and in front of the hotel,
•    Showrooms.

The colloquium is intended for:

• producers and constructors,
•   designers,
•   engineers
•   laboratories and institutes,
•   supervisors,
•   state and municipal administration,
•   representatives of universities and education

Organizers promise a lot of socializing, good cuisine and cultural enjoyment. All lectures at the colloquium will be simultaneously translated into Slovenian and English.

Technical and Commercial presentations, exhibition panels
The exhibition panels will be on show outside of the hotel, in a special hall and in the lobby of the congress hall.

In addition to traditional guests, this year we also expect participants from 14 countries of South Eastern Europe, at the Danube conference, the day before the colloquium.




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